We Need You: Help Identify Humanity Plus Businesses 


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How To Buy A Better World

At Humanity Plus we are super excited about revolutionising the way we shop, eat and live! 
We're not going to stop consuming. Like you, we love to travel, party, play and work. 
But we know that energy flows where the money goes. Like you, we want our money to go to Humanity Plus
businesses, not Humanity Minus.
You have the potential to be a ‘Humanity Pluser’ and an official member of the coolest tribe on earth! 
We want you to help us identify the essential criteria. No greenwash. No marketing spin.
What facts would stop you buying a product or service, if you knew about them?
What do you believe are the "non-negotiables" to being ethical and sustainable?
Whatever's important to you, we want to know what it is.
Together we can achieve our mission of Buying A Better World.
First we'll agree on the criteria - what are the non-negotiables? Then, what are the gold standards? 
Let's bring great people like you in touch with the businesses making a difference. And encourage them.
Because what we focus on grows. 
How it works: It’s super simple, we allow conscious people who want to buy sustainable products access to
‘Humanity Plus’ businesses engaged in sustainable practices. We carefully vet each of our Humanity Plus
companies across a range of dimensions, chosen by you, focussing on their People, Products and Profits.
Then you can easily identify whether you want to be a patron of these businesses.

Join the coolest tribe on the planet right here  and play a part in Humanity Plus